Kent Steel Door is on standards

Our Vision

Kent Steel Door; is aiming to unite the global economy with Turkeys economical values Using a developed technology and materials makes Kent an Innovator company rather than a traditional one with the purpase of producing the best quality out theve Kent also offers competitive prices and after-sell services

In which our customers abroad and abroad, providing the difference in our understanding of service, employees in the human resources and R & D department, with team spirit, integrating in unity, we give quality service to our customers. Together with our corporate identity, integrity, reliability, and innovation of our fundamental business principles of righteousness. Our history and today, using positive and negative of experience that we have experienced, planning the future, by creating employment in the long run will contribute to our economy, our main goal to represent our country in the best way

Why Steel Door?

Interior doors in terms security is not secure which is the main reason why a steel door should be installed. Beside the physical strength of the steel doors, modern and developed lock system are used which will also add stylish and aesthetic appearence to the place
We are fore runners in steel doors manufacturing sector, we always offer solutions to the problems and we are always developing this sector and seeking to be decisive in its technological development, while aiming to be perfect in this field


About Steel Door

Kent also offers competitive prices and after-sell services.

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